One Saccharine Dream | One Little Nightmare Reprint

One Saccharine Dream | One Little Nightmare Reprint

Welcome to the Freakshow, Darling

All has been revealed for book 2 in my Of Gods and Monsters series! 
One Saccharine Dream is the thrilling addition to One Little Nightmare and shit is about to get dark...

All backers get an ARC of One Saccharine Dream!

Villain reveals, a pick up on the slow burn, illusions, and an intensity like no other.
Rather than a preorder through my website this time, I'll be managing the release of this book through a Kickstarter. If you've never heard of Kickstarter, I'll be steadily updating some FAQs on the matter. Until then here's how it works.
  • Use this link to sign-up for the prelaunch campaign. This will notify you the moment that the campaign is live. It is SO important that you do this step!
  • Once the campaign is live on January 15th 2024, you will select a tier that best fits your wants/needs/budget and you'll make a pledge
  • The campaign will last for 15 days. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! The more backers we have, the more likely we are to fund it.
  • If the campaign does not reach the funding goal: No money will be collected, and no product will be delivered. This is why Kickstarter is great. You don't have to worry about watching for a refund because the money was never taken.
  • If the campaign does reach the funding goal: HOORAY! Once the goal is reached and the campaign ends on the 31st, your money will be collected and I will get to work on making this dream come true.
  • I will not be ordering anything until we're funded, so that's why the fulfillment date is in July. I would love to get everything in your hands much sooner. This date is just to make sure our expectations are clear and met.

What are you getting?

Other rewards such as slip cases, dust jackets and more will be available as stretch goals!

That's it for now! I'll blast it when the campaign is live, and will try to remember to update this page with FAQs as I get them.



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