About Dawn

"Wow! Dawn Darling? Are you a detective? Superhero? Burlesque star?!"
Erm, the answer is no. I am a super socially awkward weirdo who never wanted her small town to know what thoughts and characters lived in her head. (Spoiler alert, that cat was out of the bag when I stood in front of my classmates sophomore year and read an excerpt of New Moon for a project).
I'm a bipolar mom of two who is a professional at disassociating and building wild fantasies in my head while I do it. I say way too many curse words and start every day with six shots of blonde espresso over ice without fail. Don't worry, I have ADHD too, so the caffeine makes me normal, not crazy eyed. 
I grew up in a small town who encouraged women to become a nurse or a teacher and, while those are valiant careers full of men and women stronger than I'll ever be, I was quick to say fuck that. When I was pushed to use my degree in creative writing to work at the local newspaper, can you guess what I said then? If your answer was fuck that, you were right.
I write adult fantasy/paranormal romance with dark themes (always check the TWs) and characters with as many personalities as me.
I live in the USA and my dream home state is Washington, but my husband refuses to move there because he says he's afraid I'll find a coven of vampires and run away with them. He's probably right. So, I'll settle for Alaska where the sun can only touch me for 6 months out of the year and I'll have all the snow my heart could desire. 
Do you think your weirdness will mesh with mine? Hit me up any time! I love new friends. 
P.S. Don't be offended if it takes me a while to answer. I probably read your message and responded in my head. 


to be announced

Book and series title to come

Dark like you've never seen it before. So dark, I had to release it Patreon first. This will release on chapter at a time to my subscribers until it's ready for publication-- expected 2025. Euphoria meets... vampires? Chapter 1 available now!

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One Saccharine Dream

Of Gods and Monsters, book 2

Brooks and Xia are back with some supporting characters you won't want to miss. Don't miss out on the Kickstarter!

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Exclusive Short Story

Title to be announced

If you're attending Sinners & Stardust 2024, you'll find a dark short story in there by yours truly!

Coming august 16th

Of Gods and Monsters #3

Of gods and Monsters, book 3

The conclusion to the epic tragedy. Brooks and Xia's love story concludes. Let's just hope they make it out alive.

coming late 2024

An Olympia Spin-off #1

Book series and title to come

You ask, I provide. Nyx and the Lord of Nightmares story had only just begun in OGAM. It's time to finish it.

Coming 2025

An Olympia Spin-off #2

Book series and title to come

There is a possibility for another book. Stay tuned.

coming 2025