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      ***These packages do not include the stretch rewards. Those were free offers exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign


      Purchase policies

      What we consider damaged is peeled foiling, large dents and scuffs, missing or pages falling out, any marks inside that affect the ability to read the text, and torn dust jackets.

      What we don't consider damaged is small wear and tear that may happen during shipping, such as minor scuffs or dents, that are smaller than 1 inch. 

      If you have a damaged book, please reach out to with pictures. We will either refund you or replace the books with the return of the books (we will cover the cost for the return shipping). If severe damage is caused during shipping, we will process a claim with the shipping provider. All packages are sent with insurance.

      We do not accept refunds if you change your mind on the purchase. We only offer refunds for damaged books (see above) or if the package does not arrive. In that case, we will first process an insurance claim with the shipping provider.

      There are always risks and delays that are outside of my control. I'm outsourcing a lot of your amazing items and if the chain of supply experiences delays, it's likely I will too. I promise upfront communication on any and all delays, and look forward to packaging all of your goodies!