One Little Nightmare

One Little Nightmare

Narrated by J.F. Harding and Stella Hunter


A paranoid schizophrenic with a dark passenger lurking in the shadows.
A broken Siren who would give anything to end her curse.
A mystery girl with the traumas of her past written on her body.


A Beautiful Nightmare

Brooks wakes in an insane asylum with a broken wristwatch and no memories. He spends colorless days ignoring beautiful hallucinations and adrenaline-inducing nights fighting the monsters inside, but they’re only the beginning. After a mystery girl shrouded in secrets and painted with scars appears in the asylum, Brooks wakes from a vivid nightmare to discover that not all is as it seems. As plague looms and patients disappear, Brooks works against the clock to uncover the shattered pieces of his past, but what he finds may mean the downfall of Olympus.

A Sinister Dream

Damned to a glass prison, Xia has never known a life of freedom. The Gods of Olympia covet her Siren song and when she's not dancing for them, she's feeding The Lord of Nightmares her soul. Solace is found only with the man she meets in her dreams, but he doesn’t even think she’s real. Pity, because Brooks is the only one who can save her.

Pandora's Box has been opened and an evil moves in the asylum that even the gods cannot contain.


This gripping tale of ruthless gods and ancient power will satisfy all of your darkest desires. If you love romantic fantasy with a touch of poison, characters coming into their own, and an MMC who would watch the world fall to save her, this tragic tale of longing and destruction is for you.

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